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Say goodbye to lint and dust!

✓ THE ULTIMATE TOOL -Easily removes lint from carpets, clothes, furniture, bedding, curtains without damaging the fabric.
✓ Big Money Saver -Save money by replacing old carpets, bedding & clothes.
✓ Easy to use -Effective and handy, suitable for both rough and smooth surfaces.
✓ Premium Quality -Made from lightweight stainless steel and recycled wood.
✓ Versatile Use -Can be widely used for cleaning home furniture, clothes, pet beds, car seats and more.

Repair your old carpet without damaging it!

This Lint Remover will restore your favorite carpets and clothes, so you don't have to buy new ones. Here's a crazy fact, over 78% of clothes and fabrics with lint/ball end up being thrown away.
Made from high quality materials suitable for both soft and textured surfaces . The Lint Remover is perfectly designed to be comfortable to use and suitable for both large and small surfaces.
It's the perfect tool for any household, and you'll be amazed at how much hair your vacuum cleaner can't pick up.

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